RTL Reliable Transportation Li of Canada joins 5-SLN

5-SLN is pleased to announce that RTL Reliable Transportation Li of Toronto, Canada has joined our growing and dynamic global network.

RTL – Reliable Transportation Link – complete solutions for your Cargo! RTL is in this business for many years and has its own reputation with marine containers community. RTL provides full commitment when it comes to Freight Delivery, with our friendly systems and innovative methods. In today’s market, with tough competition, we understand our customer’s needs and based on that, we provide efficient and flexible operations that run smoothly without any delay, while providing worry free environment. Our company team work is based on courage and entrepreneurship. We are powered by new innovative ideas, well disciplined, team of effective decision makers. RTL team rightly understands the necessities of every customer and market requirements, delivering it proactively. Continuous process of your freight requires attention where, RTL staff gives, that extra edge all the time. We believe in quality service through balanced equipment ownership, operational stability and efficiencies. We always value each and every client and we are committed to customer satisfaction. At present, RTL is expanding in different areas of Canada and US enabling all customers with flexible, reliable and consistent services wherever they need the service. Our knowledge, competency level and the packaged service, has Superior Value. Please ask us about what we can help with!