Network Benefits

5-SLN was established based on discussions with many principals within the forwarding sector and their suggestions as to what benefits should be available in an "ideal network" have been incorporated.  Therefore, 5-SLN offers many benefits that are unique and not available in other traditional networks:

Real Value

See the Value in your membership with each star you earn!



5-SLN hosts a live conference in Bangkok and a virtual conference each year


Payment Protection

Protect your business up to 30,000 USD with our PIP Fund


Made for Real Forwarders

5-SLN is a network made up of small to medium size forwarders, not massive conglomerates


Constantly Improving

We invest both our time and money in making 5-SLN one of the best networks around and keeping it that way!


Healthy Network

We ensure that Countries ports/cities are not flooded wth companies so that each member is recognized in their region



We partner with the best companies in freight forwarding support services,from payments tech to globally recognized digital freight forwarding software


Led by Industry Veterans

With an experienced team made up of former forwarders,we truely understand your business needs in the industry

 Being part of the industry's fastest growing and most dynamic network.
 Ability to endorse other members when relationships established.
 A built-in incentive to route free-hand business to Network Partners rather than to 3rd parties.
 A SEO friendly and spam-protected Network Partners Profile to improve exposure on Google, Bing and Yahoo, etc.
 Ability to promote and display your Company News; links to your FaceBook, Twitter, Google+ & LinkedIn.
 Mobile friendly website that is fully compliant.
 Partnership with the Good Looks Foundation charity.
 An efficient Referral System so that Network Partners get credited with 20% of their Primary HO/Branch fees.
 Fully compliant SSL Encrypted website (https:// rather than http://)
 Being able to identify Network Partners handling special services and/or commodities.
 Having access to a completely neutral and impartial network management team.
 Website with +90% of commonly used webpages accessible via a single click.

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