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Public Holiday in Thailand

Submitted on August 23, 2020 by Chalee Wongjoy of 5SLN in USA

Dear Brother Stations,

we would like to advised long public holidays in Thailand during 4-7 September 2020 compensation  Songkarn Festival our office will be resume to work on 8 Septem 2020. if you have any emergency case or enquiries please feel free to send email to or 

Respect yours,



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Public Holiday in Thailand

Submitted on August 2, 2020 by Chalee Wongjoy of 5SLN in USA

Dear Brother Stations

Please be informed Thailand Public Holidays Office will be closed on the following date:

  • 12 August          :  H.M. The Queen’s Birthday

If you have any enquiries air or sea please feel free to contact us .

Respect yours,


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New address

Submitted on July 21, 2020 by Philipp Seiler of 5SLN in USA

Hello everyone,

Please note that our physical address will change as of 01. August 2020 from Taubenstrasse 3a to Taubenstrasse 3 ('a' will be removed), Everything else remains the same.

Best regards,

Seiler Logistics AG, Philipp Seiler, CEO

The Team is in forefront to help the Needy # WeWillWin

Submitted on May 29, 2020 by Angela Ann of 5SLN in USA

Hats off the ever dedicated team...

The Noble activities continue by the Dubai volunteering Teams on 'Eid Al Fitr' day too on much larger scale....

The team was actively busy in various activities right from covid19 outbreaks in Dubai,during lockdown periods, thru Ramadan fasting days till date, as a helping hand to all deserved & suffering segments including several jobless expatriates.

The activities include co-ordination with Dubai Health Authority for isolations,food kit distributions and all possible relevant support in compliance with the guidelines of the Authorities...

May the Almighty Bless All volunteers,let's hope to be out of the Pandemic soon,see the rays of remarkable recoveries and brightlight soon by ending these days of uncertain darkness...

Sure we will sail through these testing hightides soon....

#WewillWin #staysafe #ThankYouHeroes #Covid19 #breakthechain

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Holiday in Thailand

Submitted on May 27, 2020 by Chalee Wongjoy of 5SLN in USA

Dear Brother Stations
We would like to advised in Thailand Holiday on 3 June 2020 H.M. The Queens' Birthday and resume to works on 4 June 2020 but I am working and fully support all of worldwide partners have to enquire i'll be feedback without fail.

because of logistics importance we'll stand by with all of you.

Respect yours
Mr Chalee
email :

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The Volunteering Team is in forefront to help the Needy # WeWillWin

Submitted on April 26, 2020 by Binish K of 5SLN in USA

We Trust and pray all our partners,friends & families are safe and healthy trying to overcome this testing and troubling hours..Dubai/UAE is also Not isolated of the Pandemic but trying the maximum to overcome the situations...The UAE prime Minister Vice President and ruler of Dubai H/H Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid AlMaktoum Posts a Powerful Message to the World..."The world has long been questioning where the true power lies... Does economy drive politics or the other way around? The coronavirus spread has shown that healthcare is the main power that shapes the economy and politics at a time when a disease brought nations to a standstill.'As an Essential Service Sector TreLog serve priority movements during the LockDown Period by ensuring all Safety Measures...As a part of CSR team also in social volunteering for the needy


Submitted on April 6, 2020 by Shankar of 5SLN in USA

We wish to inform you that the name of the company will be changed from Global Channel Logistics (Shnzhen) Co. Ltd to Global China Logistics (Shnzhen) Co. Ltd with EFFECTIVE from 01.04.2020. This name change will be due to the change in board of directors.

We would request you to update your records related to us, with the changed name. Please be assured that no more changes have been made with regard to the nature of our buisness.

We promise to keep you updated on any changes from this day forward.

8 Tips for working from home during quarantine time

Submitted on April 6, 2020 by Karl Yang of 5SLN in USA
1.Keep working no matter how
During the quarantine period every 9:00am including Saturday and Sunday we held 15-30min. morning conference by DingDing (a app like WhatsApp). At each conference one or two of our team would share his/her expertise. We’ve learnt so much things together such as how to make a consol box, how to create a TikTok, even how to cook a egg tart…we exchanged the news, encouraged each other and at least we knew everyone is OK.

2.Do something for your employee and society
On Jan 29th, when we knew Wuhan was getting serious, to support the medical corps fighting the virus, our management immediately made a donation to a Wuhan hospital. At the beginning of the quarantine period, we all were short of masks, thermometers, disinfectant etc. That is the strength of our logistics people. Our team started to import thousands of masks from abroad and delivered to our staff and customers. Nowadays China have plenty of masks. We can donate 100pcs masks to each member in need. If any member need, let us know.

3.Be confident but don’t be stupid
Walking around without a mask is stupid. Wearing masks and washing hands is MUST. Personally I strongly suggest you have some ginger at breakfast and garlic at lunch and supper. Ginger make you warm, garlic kill bacterial. Someone asked me about Chinese medicine, as far as I know Lianhua Qingwen Capsules might be the most effective Chinese medicine so far. It is a Traditional Chinese Medicine made of herb. We sent some to our friends in USA/Europe and it seem working.

4.Logistics never stop
Logistics never stop. Without the logistics and supply chain, how to feed the humans and the livestock? The government shut down the cinema and pubs, but keep the ports and highway open for fundamental services and very important project. For example: Even on Feb 7th, the hardest time, we still cleared and delivered a import shipment for ABB. Another example, on 13/03 we couriered masks from Xiamen to Milan, Italy and Crystal Lake ,IL, USA, surprisingly both delivered on 16/03, so fast!

5.Innovations on logistics
The liquid disinfectant is urgently needed in Europe but no airlines accept it. What is the solutions? We made a Railway Consol. The transit time to Germany, Poland, Hungary, Czech is approx. 11-15days. It is faster than seafreight, cheaper than airfreight. When passenger flights were cancelled, Air-Charter became the shining star. Nowadays many airlines such as CZ, MF, ET etc remove the seats and convert the passenger planes to all cargo carriers and resume to daily services.

6.Share your staff and resource
So far we’ve not laid off any employees or cut down salary. The international business decreased a lot while domestic logistics like local grocery distributing has been increasing. We are trying to share our trucks, drivers and warehouse with them. Actually, some industries such as the restaurants, hotel, travel industries had a bigger loss than logistics. Even after quarantine time, people is still worrying about taking flight and eating outside. Last week a 5-star hotel chef came to my home and offered private-home-cooking, and a travel agency manager asked me if he can be our part time sales. Why not?

7.Opportunities and Challenges
Darwin said:“It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is most adaptable to change”. During the quarantine period, most of companies were suffering a loss. Oppositely, some business were increasing even double or triple than before, such as streaming media, online games, pharmacies and local grocery distributors etc. As Alibaba March data shows that besides masks and medicines, home baking appliances increasing by 80%, indoor sporting apparatus 180%, adult products 100%, and foodstuff 200%. On Apr 1st, a bankrupted entrepreneur named LaoLuo rose phoenix-like from the ashes, within only 3 hours by live video he sold out US$25,000,000 of all kinds of commodities from cellphone, shaver to milk-tea etc. Amazing!

8.Optimistic about the future
Someone say this crisis is like a war, but I don’t think so. Because all the infrastructure is there without any damage. Although we suffered a loss at the first quarter, I am still very optimistic about the future. Once people can move freely, the economy will be rebound like a ball.


Submitted on April 6, 2020 by Jordi Baez of 5SLN in USA

Covid19 & Easter Holidays. Most companies are under shutdown or holidays until 14th April. Gradual resume to normal operations is expected as of that date, will depend on actual reduction of daily increase of infections and fatalities, that that been going down for some days now. State of Emergency now extended to 26th April

Primy Ocean Air Logistics (H.K.) Co. Ltd. Address Change

Submitted on April 2, 2020 by Crystal Au of 5SLN in USA

Please be informed that our HK office has been relocated to the following address :-



Primy Ocean Air Logistics (H.K.) Co. Ltd.
Unit 1102, 11/F., Block B, Hoi Luen Industrial Centre  



55 Hoi Yuen Road, Kwun Tong, Kowloon, Hong Kong 



                        *others such as phone, fax…..etc remain unchanged*

Our Xiamen office is temporary changed to a representive office doing sales only, operationwise will be handled by our Shanghai/Shenzhen offices.




Industry News

Covid 19 Updates

Submitted on May 29, 2020 by overseas Team of 5SLN in USA

COVID-19 Latest from Dubai UAE.Submitted by overseasteam. Email. WhatsApp# 971503009679 "The emirate of 3.3 million, the UAE’s commercial capital, is pushing ahead with reopening its economy after a grueling two months of lockdown that included a three-week stretch in April of some of the strictest measures imposed anywhere in the world, requiring residents to apply for a police permit in order to leave their homes. Since late April, the restrictions have eased, allowing malls, restaurants and hotels to reopen at reduced capacity and under stringent sanitation and social-distancing rules."

#TreLogDubai #TreLogShipping #trelogs


Submitted on April 2, 2020 by Jordi Baez of 5SLN in USA

Spain is still not reaching the peak of contagions and daily deaths, despite the fact that the authorities consider that we are very close. Statistics inform about +10.000 casualties and +100.000 infected. Confinement and industrial lockdown,  except for essential services / goods, will continue until April 12, although it is expected that it will slowly return to normal, and there is no clear date.

All types of road transport are already authorized, with no difference between basic or commercial goods, thus Newblock S.L. is in a position to meet all requirements, as long as customers are open and operational, for both Seafreight and Airfreight, always depending on the very strong congestion that exists in both services.


Lam Dong province sees sharp increase in flower export

Submitted on March 12, 2020 by Mr. Huynh Dang Phuc of 5SLN in USA

Source: Nhan Dan Online (NDO)

Wednesday, 2020-03-11 16:06:07

Flower export of the Central Highlands province of Lam Dong has risen sharply since the beginning of this year, in contrast to the gloomy picture of coffee, cashew nuts and tea that are being hit by COVID-19.

The provincial Department of Industry and Trade said on March 10 that in February alone, the locality shipped 34 million flower stems to Europe, Japan, Australia, China, Taiwan (China) and some Southeast Asian nations, up 15% in volume and 17.5% in value year-on-year.

The stronger export is attributable to local businesses’ investment in new flower varieties, farming and preservation technologies, and trade promotion for market expansion.

Lam Dong has 3,450 ha of flower plantations for domestic consumption and export, with an output of 1 billion items per year.

In Da Lat city alone, about 5,000 households and more than 30 enterprises are engaged in supplying different species of flowers including rose, mimosa and orchid.

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Receiving investment ‘wave’ from Japan

Submitted on February 26, 2020 by Mr. Huynh Dang Phuc of 5SLN in USA

Tuesday, 2020-02-25 16:47:15

NDO – A survey on business conditions of Japanese companies in Asia and Oceania released by the Japan External Trade Organisation (JETRO) in Hanoi showed optimistic signals that 63.9 % of Japanese enterprises in Vietnam are planning to expand their business in the coming years. In case of business relocation, Vietnam is the first choice of Japanese enterprises (accounting for 42.3% of enterprises).

Thus, this is the third consecutive year, Vietnam has become an attractive destination to Japanese investors and these enterprises continue to place high expectations on the potential and growth possibility of the Vietnamese economy.

During the 30-year period of attracting foreign direct investment (FDI), capital inflow from Japan has always occupied an important position, which has been increasingly diverse and pouring into areas that Vietnam is paying much attention to.

Japanese enterprises are evaluated to operate effectively and seriously while complying well with the laws of Vietnam, contributing to promoting economic growth and creating jobs for locals.

Working style and skills of Japanese enterprises are always appreciated while Japanese investment projects in Vietnam run effectively with good technologies. Japanese investment is considered a high-quality capital flow and has become a model for the cooperation relationship between Vietnamese enterprises and FDI enterprises.

In particular, Japan has maintained a high and stable rate of investment in Vietnam and has always been one of the two leading FDI countries in Vietnam for many years.

But in 2019, investment capital from Japan decreased to the fourth position in the list of countries and territories investing in Vietnam, the lowest position in the past five years. Notably, this decline occurred in the context that Japan has continued to increase investment in Asian countries.

On a global scale, Japan has replaced the US to become the world’s largest country investing abroad as it has maintained an investment scale of more than US$100 billion over the past eight years.

While many companies have been moving out of China, Vietnam is still not in the choice of large enterprises because Vietnam remains at the middle level of the regional and global production chains. This fact requires more effort from Vietnam to attract Japanese investment as expected.

For many years, recommendations of Japanese enterprises have focused on improving the investment and business environment, developing supporting industries and improving the quality of labour training.

Investors believe that the biggest risk they may face is the unilateral withdraw of incentives when policies change, complicated and overlapped administrative procedures, limited supply of electricity, and delays in investment and payment for infrastructure projects.

56% of enterprises also said that they still encountered difficulties in purchasing components, accessories and materials from the Vietnamese market even though they wish to expand purchasing from the domestic market and this rate hasn’t changed compared to previous years.

In order to take full advantage of and absorb the ‘wave’ of Japanese investment as well as attracting new-generation FDI capital, the Government needs to improve the institution and remove difficulties and obstacles that enterprises have recommended.

In particular, special attention should be paid to comprehensive solutions regarding enhancing the business environment, improving labour quality and developing supporting industries.

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ietnam licenses 460 US meat producers: deputy minister of agriculture

Submitted on February 26, 2020 by Mr. Huynh Dang Phuc of 5SLN in USA

Wednesday, 2020-02-26 12:24:16

NDO - Vietnam has granted licenses to 460 US meat producers and another 210 companies applying to export seafood to Vietnam, according to Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development Le Quoc Doanh.

Doanh revealed the information during a working meeting with US Under Secretary of Agriculture for Trade and Foreign Agricultural Affairs Ted McKinney and Chief Agricultural Negotiator Gregg Doud on February 24.

The deputy minister added that Vietnam has also approved the export of six types of US fresh fruit to Vietnam, namely cherry, pear, grape, apple, blueberry and orange, and is assessing the biological safety risks with four other fruits.

At the meeting with US officials, as part of his working visit to the US, Deputy Minister Doanh asked the US Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service to soon recognise the Hanoi Irradiation Centre and Toan Phat Irradiation Company as eligible for fresh lychee irradiation so that Vietnamese exporters can reduce costs from transporting the fruit to southern irradiation centres.

He also called for US inclusion of vapor heat treatment to sterilise fresh fruits exported to the US, in addition to irradiation, and to finalise risk assessment procedures so that Vietnamese pomelo can be exported to the US.

The US Department of Agriculture is expected to send a delegation to Vietnam from March 2-13 to conduct a periodical review of Vietnam’s catfish products.

Vietnam pledges cooperation during the review and ensures that Vietnamese catfish exported to the US are high quality, safe and reasonably priced.

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Door opened for Vietnamese fresh lychee exports to Japan

Submitted on February 20, 2020 by Mr. Huynh Dang Phuc of 5SLN in USA

Source: Nhan Dan Online

NDO -Japan has officially opened the door for Vietnamese lychee to directly enter this market in the 2020 crop, according to the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MARD). The Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries of Japan (MAFF) informed the MARD’s Plant Protection Department of its opening market for Vietnamese “thieu” lychee associated with regulations on plant quarantine in late December 2019.

Thus, lychee is the fourth fresh fruit of Vietnam, after dragon fruit, mango, and banana allowed to be imported into the Japanese market - one of the world’s most demanding markets in regards to quality standards and food hygiene and safety.

This is a great opportunity to stabilise the production and consumption of lychee while reducing the oversupply during peak harvesting times. In particular, this opportunity is more important in the complicated development of the Covid-19 epidemic that has cause heavy impacts on many types of Vietnamese agricultural products that are currently not being exported to China and some other markets.

However, many stricter requirements are set for our country's lychee growing areas, especially for main lychee hubs such as Hai Duong and Bac Giang, to change their production methods to properly and fully meet the most stringent standards of the Japanese market.

The Plant Protection Department has issued documents guiding localities to proactively and quickly implement requests from partners, particularly accelerating the process of granting areas codes and ensuring the traceability of farming areas.

Accordingly, the minimum registered area is 5ha per coded area and the rate of lychee trees flowering in the coded area is from 70%. In addition, the production diary of lychee gardens must be kept in a record and inspected and granted a code by the Plant Protection Department.

The lychee farming gardens must also apply control methods to deal with Bactrocera dorsalis and absolutely not use plant protection drugs on the banned list.

Furthermore, the package and fumigate of lychee fruits must comply with the regulations on plant quarantine of the MAFF.

Thus, Vietnamese localities with large lychee farming areas should have plans to connect enterprises with planting areas and managing plant quarantine before exporting while monitoring the planting areas and the implementation of other necessary conditions.

In addition, authorised agencies must make efforts to facilitate the implementation of administrative procedures regarding the export of the fruit while farmers should raise their awareness in production and exporters raise their accountability in export activities.

Farmers should strictly abide by importers’ regulations on the production process and exporters must ensure the buying of products meeting all the set requirements to ensure the long-term reputation of Vietnamese lychee as well as other agricultural products that are under negotiation to be exported to other countries.

The penetration into such a fastidious market will be a driving force for Vietnamese agricultural products to escape dependence on established markets and gain confidence to compete at a global level.

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Submitted on January 19, 2020 by Jordi Baez of 5SLN in USA

Dear associates, due to the strong rain and wind storms in West Mediterranean area, we expect delays at arrivals & departures of all vessels calling Marseille/Fos, Barcelona and Valencia ports until end of this week. Most terminals will be closed or low going.

HIGH ACCESS LOGISTICS - ANNOUNCEMENT on Saudi Port Authority regulations w.e.f. 27th June 2019

Submitted on May 30, 2019 by Yousuf Mohamed of 5SLN in USA

According to the Saudi Port Authority regulations, the shipping agents must obtain/ keep records of a copy of the freight forwarders’ license copy issued by the Saudi Public Transport Authority (PTA) if the consignee or notifying party on the bill of lading is a freight forwarder. The regulation will come into effect immediately and shall be strictly enforced for all imports, exports and in-transit shipment after 27th Jun 2019. 


If the Shipping Line fails to confirm there is a penalty in the case of breach of this regulation, a fine of (SR50,000) Fifty Thousand Saudi Riyals per shipment (about US$13,500). The merchant shall be fully responsible for all the fines and/ or penalty for non-compliance. In the case of import shipments, the forwarder shall show proof of the license to Saudi Arabia COSCO agent (Alireza) at the time of delivery together with original bills of lading in exchange for delivery order. During the interim period before enforcement, original LOI would be accepted in lieu of the copy of the license. Effective from 28 Jun, LOI is no longer accepted and carrier could only accept cargo from licensed forwarders only. 


Based on this requirement of shipment to Saudi Arabia,


The following information is for your reference.



Consignee: Forwarder, Saudi Arabia

Notify Party: Forwarder, Saudi Arabia



Consignee: To Order

Notify Party: Forwarder, Saudi Arabia


Kindly check with us if you have any shipments import / export from Saudi Arabia.

We hold our freight forwarder license issued by Public Transport Authority of Saudi Arabia. This will help your customer(s) from various blockages from shipping lines. 




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Tight Trucking Market USA

Submitted on February 8, 2018 by Steve Dew of Interglobal Forwarders in USA

The USA trucking capacity is currently very tight and we are facing challenges and increasing cost in FCL, LCL, and Intermodal Trucking.  Some Factors at the root of this issue include: * Qualified Truck Driver Availability * Federal Government Mandated ELD(Electronic Logging Devices) * High Economic Demand.  All of these factors combined with several severe winter weather conditions in various parts of USA have combined to create maybe the tightest trucking capacity I have seen in 20 years.  This trend may continue for some time to come so plan ahead and allow extra time for trucking arrangements.