Network Benefits

5-SLN was established based on discussions with many principals within the forwarding sector and their suggestions as to what benefits should be available in an "ideal network" have been incorporated.  Therefore, 5-SLN offers many benefits that are unique and not available in other traditional networks:
 Being part of the industry's fastest growing and most dynamic network.
 Ability to endorse other members when relationships established.
 Being listed om free of charge.
 A built-in incentive to route free-hand business to Network Partners rather than to 3rd parties.
 Basic PIP Coverage included to facilitate initial transactions to avoid COD/Prepayment delays.
 Apple and Android friendly Mobile App (totally interactive with cell functions such as Skype, Texting, Chatting, etc)
 Non-performing Network Partners failing to maintain a 5-Star rating at renewal will not be renewed.
 Establishing working relationships with like-minded companies in domestic and overseas locations.
 A SEO friendly and spam-protected Network Partners Profile to improve exposure on Google, Bing and Yahoo, etc.
 Ability to promote and display your Company News; links to your FaceBook, Twitter, Google+ & LinkedIn.
 Mobile friendly website that is fully compliant.
 10% of all Network Fees will be allocated to the "5-SLN Foundation" and contributed to worthy charitable causes.
 An efficient Referral System so that Network Partners get credited with 20% of their Primary HO/Branch fees.
 Having access to a global network of pre-qualified or recommended/referred companies.
 The first network to launch highly functional Android and Apple apps
  Fully compliant SSL Encrypted website (https:// rather than http://)
 Being able to identify Network Partners handling special services and/or commodities.
 Having access to a completely neutral and impartial network management team.
 Website with +90% of commonly used webpages accessible via a single click.
 A well organized Annual Conference designed to maximize business development and optimize attendee's time.
 V-Card facilities available to increase efficiency and productivity.
 Free SMS texting facilities between Network Partners.
 Skype interactive links on Network Partners Profiles.
 Periodic eNewsletters covering Network Partners & Industry News, new Network Partners, etc.

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