5-SLN Legal Assistance and Advice

It is an unfortunate fact of life that disputes arise that ultimately escalate to requiring the need of a trusty, experienced and accomplished lawyer/attorney.  These disputes range from release of freight without following procedures, liability for demurrage, cargo claims, lost and damaged freight, Incoterms, etc.  

Although 5-SLN can offer some common-sense suggestions to assist in resolution of these matters, 5-SLN often has to advise Members to seek the advice and wisdom of an experience Maritime/Transportation Attorney/Lawyer in their own jurisdiction

Based on this, 5-SLN has decided to launch our latest initiative:  5-SLN Legal Assistance and Advice.  This service is designed to assist members with a legal resource as their initial point-of-contact:  Roeland Golterman, Master-at-Law (whose brief Biography can be viewed here).
5-SLN has made it easy for Members to have an initial no-obligation consultation with Roeland and he can advise you of any further actions you should take.  If the matter is outside of Roeland’s area of expertise or involving specific local laws, Roeland will be able to put you in contact with a more appropriate legal expert.

We all know that legal assistance is quite expensive and some Members have attorneys in-house.  5-SLN is offering its members the benefit of having an attorney on retainer in an affordable manner.  By doing so, 5-SLN Members are not reluctant to seek outside legal advice.  For a fee of USD 500, Members will get up to 5-hours of legal advice.  Members will be able to see a count-down clock on the 5-SLN Legal webpage to ensure consultations are effective.  The USD 500 is comparable to what some attorneys charge per hour. 

5-SLN Legal Assistance and Advice does not have any restrictions on discussing existing legal cases in the event that a Member wants to draw upon a second opinion or the expertise of a highly qualified 3rd party.

Participation is optional and will feature on all future Membership Invoices.  Once payment is received, 5-SLN will activate a link in the Members Only Section which will allow you to request an initial consultation with Roeland.  You will need to provide some basic information as to the dispute and the best time to discuss.

If you have an immediate need for Legal Advice (or a second legal opinion on an existing matter), please contact 5-SLN.