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Allstar Shipping of India joins 5-SLN2024-07-15

5-SLN is pleased to announce that Allstar Shipping of Mumbai/Bombay, India has joined our growing and dynamic global network.


Allstar Shipping Pvt Ltd is one amongst the largest clearing and forwarding agents based in Mumbai and would be interested to handle your import and export clearances. Being a custom broker for more than 17 years, Allstar Shipping offers the following value added services: Airfreight; Sea freight; Surface Transport and Door delivery. Their website is www.allstarship.com

Spear Freight of United Kingdom joins 5-SLN2024-07-12

5-SLN is pleased to announce that Spear Freight of Southampton, United Kingdom has joined our growing and dynamic global network.


Spear Freight, an independent freight company, providing you a high quality, consistent, valued, freighting service. Drawing on over 35 years of freighting experience, in every aspect of freight - Air Sea Road - across all continents, Spear Freight is trusted by many, to handle their freighting needs: Providing a hands-on, can-do approach giving meaningful freight solutions & service. Nothing is too big nor too small; going out our way to engage and understand specific needs and requirements Their website is www.spearfreight.com

R Cube Logistics & Consulting of India joins 5-SLN2024-07-01

5-SLN is pleased to announce that R Cube Logistics & Consulting of New Delhi, India has joined our growing and dynamic global network.


R Cube Logistics & Consulting - The organization with its globally present strategic partners and network operations, services customers worldwide with best-in-class solutions for all Logistics and Supply Chain Management requirements. Creating solutions and processes as per business requirements – Internal and External while working as a team with service providers, partners & customers to be able to achieve and deliver the best results and peace of mind. Their website is www.rcubelogistics.com

Vessel Logistics sac of Peru joins 5-SLN2024-02-23

5-SLN is pleased to announce that Vessel Logistics sac of Lima, Peru has joined our growing and dynamic global network.


We are a company made up of professionals in the management and administration of international trade operations, with extensive experience in providing comprehensive logistics solutions that are flexible and adaptable to the needs of our clients. We carry out all operations comprehensively, door to door, in a reliable, dynamic manner and in compliance with national and international regulations. Contributing to the growth of your company in a sustainable way, optimizing costs and processes t Their website is www.vessel-logistics.com

Cargonyx of Italy and Azerbaijan joins 5-SLN2024-02-23

5-SLN is pleased to announce that Cargonyx  of Italy and Azerbaijan has joined our growing and dynamic global network.


Cargonyx is a Freight Forwarding & Logistic company with its Head Quarter based in Milan, Italy.  The combination of the unique distribution channels, along with our relationships with the freight carriers allows us to offer competitive transportation rates and services tailored to our customers. Cargonyx is specialized in effective cargo delivery solutions, including special, oversize, dangerous goods (ADR), perishable and time-critical freights. Their website is www.cargonyx.com


AFS Freight Solutions of Netherlands joins 5-SLN2024-01-28

5-SLN is pleased to announce that AFS Freight Solutions of Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Netherlands has joined our growing and dynamic global network. 

AFS Transport is a project forwarder. We have offices in Amsterdam and Rotterdam. We focus on the oil, - gas and dredging industry. We can support with any other request as well. I can tell you a lot of good stories about AFS, but this you just need to experience. What I can tell you is that nothing is impossible until proven otherwise! We are here to help and serve. We focus on service and think 2 steps ahaed which will save you time and money in the end! Try us, you will love Their website is www.afstransport.nl


RSP Logistics of Pakistan joins 5-SLN2024-01-25

5-SLN is pleased to announce that RSP Logistics of Karachi, Pakistan has joined our growing and dynamic global network.


RSP Logistics, based in Pakistan, provides end-to-end freight forwarding solutions. With a commitment to reliability and efficiency, they streamline logistics, making them a trusted partner for seamless cargo transport Their website is www.rsplogisticspk.com

*Good Looks Foundation Global of USA joins 5-SLN2024-01-19

5-SLN is pleased to announce that *Good Looks Foundation Global of New York, USA has joined our growing and dynamic global network.


At the heart of The Good Looks Foundation Global is an unyielding commitment to fostering positive change and growth worldwide. Our global outreach emerges from the belief that a united front is imperative for making a lasting difference in the lives of vulnerable populations across continents. Their website is https://www.goodlooksfoundation.com/global/

*GTL-Academy of Netherlands joins 5-SLN2024-01-19

5-SLN is pleased to announce that *GTL-Academy of Bergen op Zoom, Netherlands has joined our growing and dynamic global network.


GTL Academy: Become the best forwarder you can be! Professionalize your staff and invest in their education. The GTL-Academy offers great Live Course that offers both a theoretical and practical perspective. The courses are held online via a web meeting platform, with 2 live teachers . It revolves around the major topics of cargo, and makes a somehow complicated subject simply easy to grasp with lots of simple exercises. Their website is www.gtl-academy.com

Georgia Shipping Services of Jordan joins 5-SLN2023-12-20

5-SLN is pleased to announce that Georgia Shipping Services of Amman, Jordan has joined our growing and dynamic global network.


Founded in 2020, GSS is a company built on the belief that hard work, Works. Our mission is clear - to become one of the top shipping, logistics, and transportation service providers in the region, catering to both local and international clients. As a fully licensed freight forwarder, we are committed to maximizing our returns and productivity to better serve our customers, Our ultimate goal is to satisfy you and meet all your requirements Their website is www.georgia-ss.com