4th Annual 5-SLN Conference

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5-SLN extends a warm invitation to attend the:


4th Annual 5-SLN Conference

March 08-11, 2018 - Bangkok, Thailand


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After considering several options in various countries, 5-SLN is excited to confirm that we have, once again, secured the 5-Star rated Pullman Bangkok Grande Sukhumvit as the conference venue!  As delegates to our 3rd Annual Conference will confirm, this is an outstanding and highly rated hotel located just off Bangkok's vibrant Sukhumvit Road in the center of Bangkok, Thailand. 

This 4th Annual 5-SLN Annual Conference will be the "conference to remember" with professionally organized arrangements and great social events which build camaraderie and long-term friendships between delegates.  Please show your support for 5-SLN and your fellow 5-SLN members by attending - you will not regret your decision!.  We guarantee that this Conference will be the best investment that you can make during 2018.  Emperical evidence exists to support the relationship between attending conferences and a resulting increase in business. 5-SLN places a special emphasis on welcoming first-time delegates who are warmly welcomed and quickly become part of our professional and friendly network.


Experienced conference delegates will find many differences between our 4th Annual 5-SLN Annual Conference and other conferences organized by our "traditional" network competitors including:

  • 5-SLN is offering fully inclusive "Conference Packages" as low as USD 1,270 that include 3 nights of 5-Star Room Accommodations, Meals and all Conference related expenses (equivalent to USD 745 without accommodation for local delegates)5-SLN believes that this is far more advantageous and efficient than traditional meeting options which result in inefficiencies when delegates are staying at multiple different hotel locations and are often tardy in attending their One-on-One meetings.

  • Conference attendance is strictly by invitation only.

  • Delegates will be able to make an unlimited number of changes to their Conference Reservations up until February 01, 2018 at which time the Conference Invoices will be generated.  This will eliminate the issuing of supplemental debit/credit notes covering any late changes.  Payment of Conference Packages will be expected by February 15, 2018 in order to take advantage of our Early Bird rates and to gain access to the Conference Meeting Scheduler.

  • 5-SLN will be hosting 2 events during the Conference: a "Cultural Evening" and a special "Team Building Event" as our featured events - full details to follow!

Comments from our 3rd Annual 5-SLN Conference:

→   "Well organized and well coordinated conf. Trevor has proved his organizational skills once again.Creative suggestions have been implemented to ensure 5sln success saga continues." - Binish of TreLog



→   "5-SLN keeps growing through their one of a kind business model. Excellent meetings, events & network! Sincere thanks again to Trevor, all 5-SLN team & members participated." - Aysen/Agemar Global

→   "As a Gold Sponsor, thanks to staff, excellent agents excellent Network, we will open new doors together for new business!" Al Basha as Everest Intl. Shipping



→   "Very well coordinated and organized. A great network to be a part of. " - Rudy of Honor Worldwide

→   "Great quality of members. Well organized. Good location. Great job by Trevor and team. And lasting relationships built!" - Faris of Alco Logistics



→   "Excellent Professional Global organization, quality and valuable meetings, Knowledge resource, Super Inter-cultural Experience!! Kudos" - Samuel, Removal Goods Services, Kenya

→   "This is awesome to attend this kind of conference 2nd time. Looking forward to keep in touch with all the agents closely afterwards" - Tiffany of S-Sense Logistics



→   "Overall Great Conference" - Steve of Interglobal Forwarders

→   "Excellent people, excellent staff, excellent agents. Very impressive family network!" - German of GJ Cargo



→   "Overall it was excellent network meeting. I enjoyed my first meeting. Good job!" -  Mario of 3Way Intl

→   "Thanks everyone for this amazing conference. Meet a lot of great agents and hope we will generate more business together. Keep up the good work!" - Vasile of Omni Cargo

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