Star Rating System

As one of the core tenets and features of 5 Star Logistics Network, members are able to earn a "Star" for each successfully completed business transaction they have with each unique network partner. This means that for every network partner that a member completes business transactions with, they are entitled to receive a Star from that partner and are encouraged to send a Star back to that partner in return for satisfactory transactions.

The process of exchanging Stars between partners helps to ensure that all members are actively participating in the network and completing successful transactions with one another. Members are also able to request Stars from their partners if they feel that a Star is warranted based on the quality of their business interaction. Additionally, if a member feels that a Star is not warranted, they are able to decline it.

This system of exchanging Stars is an important aspect of the 5-SLN Network's endorsement system, as it allows for ongoing peer-review and endorsement among the members. By actively participating in this system, members can help to ensure that they are dealing with quality companies that are generating business for other network partners and are paying their debts promptly within agreed-upon time frames.

In order to maintain full membership within the 5-SLN Network, partners must achieve a minimum rating of 5 endorsements, or a "5-Star Rating," within a one-year period. This requirement ensures that all network partners are actively generating business for other partners and are settling their debts within agreed-upon time frames.

Achieving a 5-Star Rating offers several benefits for network partners. Members with a higher rating may receive more default coverage, which can provide an added layer of security when doing business with other network partners. Additionally, partners with higher ratings may receive a higher ranking on the network's directory, which can help to increase visibility and attract more business. Partners who achieve a 5-Star Rating will receive an official member certificate, which can be used to showcase their affiliation with 5-SLN. The top-performing members may even receive a special email signature, which can help to further distinguish them as top-performers within the network.

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5 Stars allows you more default coverage


Higher Ranking on our directory


Official Member Certificates once you reach 5 Stars


Top Performing Members receive a special email signature