Network Timeline

5-SLN would like to share the timelines of our rapid growth which reflects how well our business model which allows qualified companies to join and develop mutually profitable relationships before paying network fees has been received by the industry at large.  We are well justified in claiming to be "the industry's fastest-growing, most dynamic and quality-focused cargo/freight forwarding network"

2018-02-085-SLN Partners now covers 100 countries
2017-05-255-SLN announced 200th Partner
2017-05-255-SLN Network now covers 200 Cities
2017-03-20Highly sucessful 3rd Annual 5-SLN Conference
2017-03-16Announced Memorandum of Understanding with Global Logistics Network (GLN)
2016-11-135-SLN Partners now exceeds 6,000 staff
2016-10-165-SLN Partners' Annual Revenues now exceed USD 2,000,000,000
2016-08-195-SLN launches App for Apple products
2016-07-015-SLN launches App for Android Mobile Phones
2016-03-12Highly sucessful 2nd Annual 5-SLN Conference
2015-11-195-SLN launches WiseTech Global Partnership
2015-10-265-SLN Network now covers 75 Countries
2015-10-155-SLN announced 175th Partner
2015-09-015-SLN Celebrates 1st Anniversary!
2015-06-185-SLN Partners now exceeds 5,000 staff
2015-06-025-SLN Network now covers 300 Branch Offices
2015-04-295-SLN Network now covers 150 Cities
2015-03-245-SLN Partners' Annual Revenues now exceed USD 1,500,000,000
2015-01-205-SLN announced 150th Partner
2014-11-205-SLN Partner Revenues now exceed USD 1,000,000,000
2014-10-305-SLN announces its 100th Partner in under 2 months of operation
2014-10-155-SLN announces its 75th Partner in under 2 months of operation
2014-09-305-SLN announces its 50th Partner in under 1 month of operation
2014-09-265-SLN Partners Accepted and Applications Pending have 2,000+ Staff
2014-09-245-SLN Partners Accepted and Applications Pending have revenues in excess of USD 500m
2014-09-185-SLN received its 50th Network Application
2014-09-165-SLN Partners and Applicants exceed 50 Cities in 23 countries
2014-09-155-SLN announces 10th Partner
2014-09-095-SLN announces 1st Partner
2014-09-015-SLN Launched